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What Are Monetization Widgets?

Baseify uses machine learning and NLP to allow publishers to create monetization widgets that form an auction with multiple demand sources.

This auction will increase the chance to serve the impression at a higher CPM rate because multiple demand partners are competing to showcase their results in real-time in an engaging widget rather than having one single waterfall advertiser bidding for that impression.

Value of Monetization Widgets for Publishers

Maximize Yields

Increase Time on Site


Reduce Latency

One Line of Code


Double The Yield


More Time on Site


Faster Load Time


Increase in CPMs

3 Easy Steps to Monetization Widgets

1. User views a web page and all placements on the page call the Monetization Widget script to call multiple demand partners creating an auction for each impression.

2. Multiple highly relevant advertisers simultaneously bid on the impression creating an auction.

3. The highest and most semantically relevant bid wins the impression and automatically serves the widget in a DIV that is set by the publisher.