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How Do Baseify’s Monetization Widgets Work?

Baseify increases Publishers content revenues by using natural language processing (NLP) technologies.

The platform identifies underpaid content due to generic advertising on publisher websites. Baseify then presents highly targeted offers on the selected web pages in engaging in-image units and native widgets.

Increase User Engagement

Make More Revenue

More Targeted Traffic

Better User Experience

3 Easy Steps to Monetization Widgets

1. User views a web page and all placements on the page call the Monetization Widget script to call multiple demand partners creating an auction for each impression.

2. Multiple highly relevant advertisers simultaneously bid on the impression creating an auction.

3. The highest and most semantically relevant bid wins the impression and automatically serves the widget in a DIV that is set by the publisher.


Double The Yield


More Time on Site


Faster Load Time


Increase in CPMs