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Need to see instant and sustainable ROI? Baseify’s advertiser optimization bring the most out of your qualified clicks.
Sounds too good to be true? See for yourself with Baseify’s straightforward integration options.
Step 1: User View

A user views a web page. All the placements on the page query Baseify’s API for demand partners, creating an auction for each impression.

Step 2: Multi Bidding
Relevant advertisers bid on the impression creating an auction. Winning results rank by relevance and eCPC.
Step 3: Winner
The highest and most semantically relevant bid wins the impression and automatically serves the widget in a DIV that is set by the publisher.

Smart widgets enhance your content

Highly Contextual Ads

Relevant IAB & custom units

  • Highest paying ads optimized across demand sources
  • Custom & native ads for a consistent user experience
  • Simple implementation with a 2 line JS code
  • Ongoing optimization ensures the highest performance

No changes required to site layout

Replace an existing IAB unit or create additional ad inventory with custom units

Shopping Ads

Capitalize Untapped Revenues
  • Grow user engagement with targeted sponsored products
  • Earn incremental revenue through untapped placements
  • Responsive designs deliver a native experience
  • Benefit from additional page views

Search Suggest

Grow Product Search Revenue
  • Incremental monetization for New Tab extensions
  • Send users to the products they are looking for faster
  • Does not clash with search partner solutions
  • Compliant with single purpose policies

Visual Search

Compliant Software Monetization
  • Incremental monetization shopping extensions
  • Identify the content of a product image on merchant sites
  • Monetizes search, category and product pages
  • Does not clash with existing features
  • Compliant with single purpose policies

Radically Innovative

Baseify increases Publishers content revenues by using natural language processing (NLP) technologies.
The platform identifies underpaid content due to generic advertising on publisher websites. Baseify’s widgets then presents targeted offers on the selected web pages.

Upgrade Your Content With Semantically Matched Products