DragonLinks – Gateway to China

Written by Baseify Team

June 9, 2016

Performance-based, this program, drives premium shoppers to US luxury brands, DragonLink, connects your brand to the 700MM Chinese shoppers. This burgeoning middle class has emerged over the past 20 years.
Sophisticated consumers like these are quality-appreciating and wealthy who place a high value on US and European brands. They represent a cross-section of a market that spent $27 billion on luxury goods last year, and that’s rapidly developing strong brand loyalties and preferences.
The network contains more than 20 million active Chinese consumers with an appetite for quality and aspirational luxury brands and products. It’s built around premium mobile and web properties, and a proprietary suite of shopping tools provided by Baseify.
Publishers in the DragonLink program have access to a combination of proprietary and 3rd party payment and fulfillment solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing commerce solutions.
Timing is imperative, as this opportunity lays ahead of the 2016 shopping season- In general, the increasing popularity of Christmas and shopping season in China presents a time-sensitive opportunity for high volume and margin revenues in Q4.

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