1.1.1.What are the publisher benefits?

1.1.2.What traffic type do you support?

Baseify is a format-agnostic platform, we accept and have accepted in the past traffic from:

  • SEO
  • Pops
  • Type-In Traffic
  • Banners
  • Search
  • In Text
  • Social Media

Our requirement is that your conversion rate is above 1% for your account to stay active and current.

1.1.3.Are adult websites accepted?

1.1.4.How many ads can I show per one webpage?

Currently, publishers may place any amount of ads on one webpage.

However, keep in mind that placing excessive amounts of ads on a page may reduce your income and adversely affect your user experience. 

** This does not apply to Visual Search, where the number of ads \ widgets is controlled entirely by Baseify for compliance reasons. 

1.1.5.Is there any guarantee I will not get malware or viruses through your Ads?

Baseify is serious about our publishers’ property and manually select what kind of advertising channels we work with.

We never accept suggestive or malicious content from our advertisers. As all our advertisers are providing us with shopping catalogs, the likelihood of household brands to include in their catalog fraudulent offers is minuscule. 

We are a one-sided platform and do not take on advertisers who do not work programmatically serving up product catalogs. 

1.1.6.What are the average CPM rates per country?

The rates are fully dynamic, may vary on different sites and depend on many factors. You will see an approximate CPM on the Dashboard during test days.

Our optimization algorithm takes some time to analyze your traffic and assign the most profitable ads for your website’s audience.

After several days pass, your CPM rates can significantly increase.


1.2.1.Where is my publisher ID?

Your publisher identifier is called “CUID” and is automatically embedded within the widgets you generate from the publisher dashboard in the “My Solutions” section.

The CUID is an alphanumeric string, 32 characters long.

1.3.Payments & Finances

1.3.1.What does IBAN mean in the bank details for a wire transfer?

IBAN stands for “International Bank Account Number.”
Please contact your bank for details.

1.3.2.What are the fees for wire transfers?

The minimum payout threshold for wire transfers is 550 USD.

We don’t charge any fees for wire transfers above 1000 USD, but the intermediary banks may deduct fees before it reaches your bank, over which we have no control.

Wire transfers below 1000 USD are charged a bank fee of $50.

Some banks may deduct fees for incoming wire transfers. Please refer to your bank for details.

1.3.3.How long does it take to receive payments from a wire transfer?

The beneficiary’s bank will generally receive the funds within 3-5 business days. However, there are a number of factors which could delay the credit to the beneficiary. These include, but are not limited to national and local bank holidays, delays by an intermediary bank or other local conditions.

Note that transfers made to some countries may experience delays in crediting the beneficiary’s account up to 2 weeks.

1.3.4.How many days should I wait for payout after reaching the minimum balance for withdrawal?

According to our terms for Publishers your payment will be automatically processed after 45 days after the end of the earning period.

This means for example, that your earnings for period “1st – 31st August” should be paid during the third business week of October.

The actual arrival date to your account depends on the speed of the processing provider.

1.3.5.Should I create an invoice or make a payout request?

Yes, billing is finalized during the second week after month’s end and total revenue will be emailed to you. At that time, please upload your invoice so we can process your payment.

Please make sure to upload it to the publisher portal before the 20th of the month, otherwise, it will be delayed to the billing cycle when the invoice arrives with us.


1.4.1.Where can I find the reporting API key?

  1. Log in to publisher dashboard
  2. Navigate to “My Solutions” in the header
  3. In the drop-down menu click on “Reporting API
  4. See the “Request Format” section 
  5. “Header – Authorization” row has the key information


1.4.2.About the reporting api

Our reporting API allows you to access all the information you have on your publisher dashboard via JSON output. You can review the documentation here.

1.4.3.What time zone are your stats recorded in?

Our statistics run in PST (pacific standard time, -7 GMT) time zone.

1.4.4.How often are my statistics updated?


1.5.1.What should I do if I can’t log in?

Make sure you are using the correct user name and password.
If you can’t remember your password, you can reset it using this link.

If you are still unable to log in, contact Support.

1.5.2.I’ve forgotten my account password.

How do I change or reset my password?

You can change or reset your password by clicking “Forgot password?” on the Log In page: http://publishers.baseify.com/login

1.6.How to...

1.6.1.I found an irrelevant result, now what?

Good catch! Not even Google hit the mark all the time, that’s how the semantic search business works… please inform us of the result by providing:

  • A screenshot,
  • URL of the placement
  • Your account name
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