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Monetize Chrome Extension

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August 8, 2016

One of the hardest things to master online is how to sell to your website visitors without really selling to them. No one wants ads shoved in their faces. The beauty comes when you can casually Monetize Chrome Extension and searches to do the selling for you. That’s what soft selling is all about, and it’s a method that has a proven track record. It puts the choice in the hands of your website visitors for the items they want to find out more about and purchase.

Basics to Monetize Chrome Extension

According to a monthly survey conducted by W3Schools, nearly 59% of the users utilize the Chrome browser. This alone makes it worth your while to explore ways to monetize specifically for Chrome users that are visiting your website. The beauty of using a soft selling technique is it allows your website users to utilize your existing website they are already familiar with to find the items they are already interested in purchasing. To monetize Chrome extensions doesn’t take extraordinary technical skill either.

Benefits to Your Visitors and You

This method of monetization works to enhance revenues because of the friendly way it is presented. Until your website visitors want to find a specific item using a Semantic Search, they won’t be bombarded with ads. Even when utilizing the search to find items they are looking for, they will be shown their search results, not ads. Once they click and make a purchase, you benefit from the sale as a referrer. Your visitors will rely on your site for recommending the quality items they want to buy.

Monetize Chrome Extension Details

After enrolling in Baseify, creating a revenue stream on your existing site will involve inserting a single line of script into your page. That’s all that is required. The script will call up your account and handle everything for you. If you already have your own products and you want them to appear in search results, you need to only be listed on any of the comparison shopping sites such as Shopzilla, PriceGrabber, and others. You can also get your products picked by being a publisher on affiliate networks such as Commission Junction and Linkshare. You will need to become a publisher on these networks in order to have your products listed in return searches.

About Baseify

Baseify is an iLeviathan LLC Company from Nevada. Nico Black (M.A.) founded the semantic search that is the heart of the Baseify engine. Wanting to change the face of search that required text. Sometimes people don’t know the name of what they are looking for, but their past search patterns allow to pinpoint their true interest. An algorithm was developed that will search through user behavior looking for the basis of their search, hence the name – Baseify.

Testimonials from Users

The feedback from this type of monetization has been great from both publishers and users. Here are a few Danielle from the United States writes, “I’ve already found a cheaper price for more than one item I was searching for using this… Thanks for all the truly awesome products you all come up with.” Mahmoud Z. from Egypt, had a very simple comment, “I love it!”  Monica in New Zealand writes, “Thank you , I use online shopping to find a good deal, and [you] help… Thank you.

If you’re looking for a way to monetize your website without putting off your visitors by shoving ads in their faces, low-key selling is the way to go. Through the use of Semantic Search, you will be directly putting your own products or items you represent through an affiliate relationship directly in front of the people most likely to buy. To monetize chrome extension is to harness the true power of the soft sell, and develop a loyalty with your visitors as a place to find quality items. Create revenue streams for your website, get more information about the power of semantic search.

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