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August 8, 2016

Ways to create revenue streams on websites are a common concern for most webmasters. This is especially true if you have your own product you want to sell. The public at large is almost immune to banner ads so you have to start getting creative in how you sell to your visitors. One of the best ways is to utilize browser extension monetization.  This is a low key way of selling to your visitors and it’s done with a simple line of code. Monetize extension can help create a steady form of revenue for you site and your visitors will never feel pressured.

Monetize Extension Overview

If you’re wondering how this works, basically it’s evolution from text search, where your users can search by an image for the products they are interested in finding out more about and making a purchase. This is especially beneficial to site owners that have their own products they want to market. Simply list your item at one of the many comparison shopping sites such as or Shopzilla for example. You can also sign up to be a publisher at Commission Junction and Linkshare to get your products presented through the toolbar extension.

Baseify Perks

Using the Semantic search will make presenting items your visitor is already interested in very easy to do. Best of all it costs nothing for web developers and publishers to use this method of monetization. In fact, you can earn from driving traffic to the advertisers.

Browser Monetize Extension Works With Most Browsers

Using toolbar monetization is tricky because you need to make sure that the extension will work with the majority of the browsers that your visitors use. A recent survey by W3Schools revealed that over half of the website visitors utilized the Google Chrome Browser. Firefox, IE , and Safari were ranked in order behind Chrome. This way you’re able to offer nearly every visitor the advantage of using the Semantic search to shop for deals on your site.

About Baseify

Baseify is an iLeviathan LLC Company from Nevada. Nico Black (M.A.) founded the semantic search that is the heart of the Baseify engine. Wanting to change the face of search that required text. Sometimes people don’t know the name of what they are looking for, but their past search patterns allow to pinpoint their true interest. An algorithm was developed that will search through user behavior looking for the basis of their search, hence the name – Baseify.

People Love This Product

There is no shortage of good feedback on this browser extension. Here are a few: “I categorize your extension as awesome and not being a spring chicken or noob you should take that as a high compliment.” from Keith in the United States.  Tal from Israel is a publisher and writes this about the extension, “This is ingenious!

This is the one of the best ways I’ve seen of generating revenue from an addon without annoying the users and while actually benefiting them.” Last, here is another happy user from the USA that writes, “I’m really excited now… I spend so much time looking all over the internet trying to do comparison shopping, Thanks for being there.” from  Antoinette‏ in the United States.

Creating another revenue stream on your existing site is easy. To monetize extension for products that are your own and also you can represent as an affiliate and earn from those sales, requires just putting on one line of code. The code on the Baseify site will do the rest for your website visitors. There is no cost for this, enroll in the program today.


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