Is Toolbar Monetization Risky?

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August 8, 2016

In the early 2000s, Google cracked down on websites that offered toolbars for download to visitors. It was a fast way for site owners to get blacklisted if Google felt there were privacy concerns or the toolbar was actually a spyware device. If you are using browser extension monetization or toolbar monetization, there will be no concern. You’re just offering a monetize extension, not loading spyware on your visitors’ computers. Now in 2016 it’s about offering your visitors a quality experience. Giving them the option to do a semantic search is definitely a high end offering.

Toolbar Monetization Works for Site Owners Creating Extra Revenue

The Baseify semantic search is presented through a monetize toolbar that your visitors simply add-on to their browser of choice. In order to the toolbar to work on your site, you will need to first enroll in the free program at the Baseify homepage. Then you will be given a single line of code to add to your website. This will enable the semantic search engine to function on your page and communicate with the specific preferences for searches performed on your site.

Using semantic Search on Your Site

Monetize toolbar extensions for your visitors make finding items and comparison shopping a breeze with semantic search. For example, a website visitor may not know the exact name, make or model of the clothing, accessory, or children’s toy they are looking for, but if they have an image, they can search from your site. If they click through and complete the transaction at one of the vendors, you will earn a commission.

Toolbar Monetization Perks

To monetize toolbar applications that your visitors can use creates a seamless way to create a revenue stream you can count on. Because your visitors are utilizing a search that results in increasing the value of their visit on your site by finding items they are looking for more information on or to purchase, there’s no question this is a quality experience for people that utilize your website. This is the goal of Google, to give sites that give a unique content and quality experience to their users more preference in searches. It’s a great way to stand out from the pack.

About Baseify

Baseify is an iLeviathan LLC Company from Nevada. Nico Black (M.A.) founded the semantic search that is the heart of the Baseify engine. Wanting to change the face of search that required text. Sometimes people don’t know the name of what they are looking for, but their past search patterns allow to pinpoint their true interest. An algorithm was developed that will search through user behavior looking for the basis of their search, hence the name – Baseify.

Who Loves This?

The feedback for the Baseify engine has been great from both website owners as well as users. Notice these testimonials are from all over the world, because anyone, anywhere can utilize the Baseify  engine. Here are a few testimonials: Kevin M. from Singapore writes in a single word how he feels about using the Baseify search, “Coolzzzz!!” Tim from the United States stated, “Just noticed this feature and played with it a bit. Great choices.” Catherine W. from Great Britain liked the comparison shopping, “This is a great way to compare the value of these opportunities! “

Using toolbar monetization is safe to use on your site without fear of being penalized. It’s also a great way to create value for your site visitors. There is no cost for using this service for site owners or users. What are you waiting for? Enroll and use the power of monetizing a toolbar today.

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