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November 29, 2016

AdSense (Google) has been dominating the add industry for a while now.
Latest signs, though, might suggest that AdSense’s reign is coming to an end.
There are many other solutions besides AdSense, publishers exploit in order to monetize their content and media sites, and so can you.

Let’s look at this from another angle. Being the leader in the display advertising industry must stand for something. I mean you don’t just get there by accident. Yes Google is a powerhouse, and yes this is one of the main reasons AdSense has squashed the competition but if the service is that bad there is just no way they stay there.

Am I right?

So why should your choice be any different than the rest of the herd?
Why should you choose another display ad network?
I’m not saying you should.
This will not be a post where I list 10 display advertising platforms for you to choose from.
This is where I tell you that display advertising is not the best that you can do for you and for your audience.

Display advertising as a whole is getting a bit old now

Three main reasons for this:

  • Ad Blockers
  • Damages the user experience
  • Relevance

Ad-blockers are getting more and more annoying. They are a pain for media companies and advertising networks both.
If you are looking to monetize via ads I know you’ll agree as well.
The online world does love ad blockers on the other hand.
The percentage of internet users that are leveraging this kind of tools is growing daily.
The demand is high and it’s a fact that Ad Blockers are here to stay.
Considering the above-mentioned difficulties you can understand why many have started looking into AdSense alternatives.

So what works best?

If ads are what you have used for monetization purposes that are probably where you’d like to keep heading and if Display ads are not your poison any longer than Native Ad Widgets might be just what you are looking for.

Native ads get past ad blockers

As we established this as one of the biggest obstacles when trying to monetize via ads than you realize that the notion above has some weight to it.
More impressions mean more click and more clicks mean bigger cash flow.

Native add widgets don’t damage your website UX

Another big one.
These ads are focused on providing semantically relevant information within native type placements.
What this means is that you can an ad that does not look like it got there by accident. What you get is an ad that is in perfect harmony with your website design.

A variety of Native smart widgets is available in 2016. Most of these widgets add functionality to your website while monetizing, and this is the right way to monetize.
Search and you will find: comparison shopping widgets, financial calculators, travel price quotes, investing Tools, stock quote tools and the list keeps growing.
And the biggest improvement that smart widgets bring to the table for me is semantically relevance. This is an advertising aspect which has been overlooked for a long time. Would ads be that annoying if they display and connect you with what you are actually searching for?

I would say not. And many will agree.
But getting hit with the same annoying message, that’s totally irrelevant to who you are and what you need is just frustrating.

This is where companies like Baseify are raising the bar in terms of quality. This is why native ads are the future.

They are designed to fit in with the design of the website, they get past ad blockers, provide functionality and focus on providing semantically relevant marketing content to your audience.

You can always decide that ads are just not enough for you. The monetization story only starts with ads. There is a variety of choices you may decide to look into, but if and “alternative to AdSense” is the question, smart native advertising is your answer.

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