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Written by Baseify Team

July 24, 2016

One of the most frustrating things a site owner can watch is traffic coming and going, ranking for good keywords in searches, and still not making sales. The reason is usually simple to pinpoint, no one wants to be sold to using banners, sidebar ads, and other traditional forms of advertising. The absolutely best way to create a good revenue stream is to set up browser extension monetization that involves only selling to the visitors that are seeking items. Using a semantic search function to present items to visitors who don’t even have to enter text to find similar items for sale. These are the people most likely to buy and it requires no real extra effort on your part beyond inserting a single line of code in your existing website.

Browser Extension Monetization Compared to Traditional Forms of Advertising

Working to smartly to monetize Chrome extension or monetize Firefox addon is a soft-sell technique. Study after study has proven that web surfers are pretty much blind to most advertising. We’ve all gotten very good at shutting out banner ads and sidebar advertisements to find the content we are looking for on websites. That’s why monetizing via search is a good move.

Benefits of Using Semantic Search on Your Site

There are two basic types of site visitors. The buyers and the researchers. It’s a no-brainer why a buyer is on your site, but a researcher are often gathering more information, finding uses, and often comparison shopping. Imagine if you could give those visitors a single add-on that would allow them to search on your site and be shown not only products you’re selling, but also the ability to comparison shop right on your site.

Browser Extension Monetization Overview

Once you enroll in the free Baseify Rocket program, you will just need to either upload any products your company sells to any of the comparison shopping sites such as or Shopzilla. If you don’t have any products, then market as an affiliate through Commission Junction or Linkshare. Both affiliate marketing programs these vendors offer have a huge number of merchants to choose to represent. Once you are enrolled, and you have set up your account information for the products or affiliate marketing information you wish to connect to your Baseify account, you’re ready to go. Simply add a single line of code to your website, and from that moment forward, your site visitors will be able to perform a semantic search on your site, and even compare items to find the best deal possible. Best of all, you earn from the sales made.

About Baseify

Baseify is an iLeviathan LLC Company from Nevada. Nico Black (M.A.) founded the semantic search that is the heart of the Baseify engine. Wanting to change the face of search that required text. Sometimes people don’t know the name of what they are looking for, but their past search patterns allow to pinpoint their true interest. An algorithm was developed that will search through user behavior looking for the basis of their search, hence the name – Baseify.

Testimonials from Users

The feedback from this type of monetization has been great from both publishers and users. Here are a few Danielle from the United States writes, “I’ve already found a cheaper price for more than one item I was searching for using this… Thanks for all the truly awesome products you all come up with.” Mahmoud Z. from Egypt, had a very simple comment, “I love it!” Monica in New Zealand writes, “Thank you , I use online shopping to find a good deal, and [you] help… Thank you. ”

Enroll now in the Baseify program. There is no cost and early adopters will definitely realize an advantage from implementing browser extension monetization. Especially when you only have to insert a single line of code to open up the power of semantic searching to your visitors.

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